Whether you look at our nutrient depleted food supply or our massive prescription drug problem - we have pushed our bodies to the limits.

Essential Oils present such a powerful opportunity to support your body in the amazing healing it does on a daily basis. So that you can live a FULL life.

Essential Oils are...

They are concentrated extracts obtained from plants–more specifically from the bark, seeds, flowers or leaves of the plant. What makes essential oils unique for each plant is that they contain the volatile compounds that give rise to the aroma of a plant or flower.


It’s also important to note that these extracts are highly concentrated. It can take thousands of pounds of plant material to produce just one pound of essential oil. Keep in mind that in many cases, the essential oil of an herb is hundreds of times more concentrated than a dried herb itself. 

One of the most powerful ways to experience essential oils is through simple inhalation:

Not all essential oils are created equal. In fact it is important to note that there is NO committee or governing body that regulates essential oils, their purity or the claims made by many essential oil companies.



It's very important that you use only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that are sourced around the globe where they grow abundantly and in their natural environment (that's where the magic lives) 

It's also important to choose a company that you can trust, that is doing their diligence to provide you with access to the very best quality our beautiful earth provides. 
Message me at susanbursic@live.com if you'd like info on the brand that I use, love + fully trust!

Essential Oils are so powerful and are being researched in depth. One of my fave resources is Aromatic Science - you can find tons of research that is happening! A few other resources I found extremely helpful in learning which oils to use and for what....

If you'd like to start your essential oil lifestyle or have any questions at all please email me at  susanbursic@live.com 

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It will be the most amazing journey!