Hey there! If you're anything like me, you love learning and navigating how to incorporate new natural tools into your lifestyle, but it doesn't always come easy to you! I often find 1-2 people I admire in this space who have it all figured out and model my choices based on what I am learning from them! For me, this happens to be my dear friend Ange who actually introduced me to my essential oils 3 years ago! I know you’ve been thinking about getting started with the oils OR adding the incredibly resources and supplements available through doTERRA into your daily routine. So I wanted to let you know about this! This new cleanse kicks off on Feb 20th so if you’d like to join me for this one - I'm going to suggest you look at starting with the Cleanse + Restore kit. This kit is $245us for the market and $259us for the Canadian market. It also includes your wholesale purchasing account so you can purchase additional oils, supplements and self care products throughout the year at 25% off whenever you’d like! The cleanse will run through a private Facebook group where we will have a webinar reviewing these supplements and the cleanse eBook pinned to the top. 

If you are ready to get started:  Connect back with the person on our Thrive Life team that has been guiding you to this point.  Or if that is me ... then let's do this!

> Click Here: http://bit.ly/ThriveLifeOils To order the Cleanse + Restore kit - keep the US warehouse selected (it’s not avail in the Canadian warehouse)

> Select the wholesale customer option (unless you have interest in building the business right away - then you’d select wellness advocate)

> Fill in your personal info and then on the next screen choose the Cleanse + Restore kit. If you wish to - you can also add other items to your cart at the 25% off price.

ps - my enroller ID should populate for you but if it doesn't - it's 796608
The last screen will ask you if you'd like to setup a Loyalty Rewards (LRP) order for the next month. There is a promo on right now for anyone that unrolls in Jan or Feb 2017, and then sets up a 100v or higher LRP order for the following month, doTERRA will give you $100 in free oils to redeem after your following month order places! Let me know if you're taking advantage of this so I can connect to give you the simple steps to redeem the $100 in free oils! 

Once you’re setup you’ll receive a welcome email from me that’s packed with juicy content and a link to book a 1:1 call with me to go over your questions once your oils arrive as well as a variety of our HOL:FIT Team eBooks to get you started! I’m also going to include a sample of the Metabolic Blend called Slim + Sassy for you to use several times throughout the cleanse - you will love it! You can try applying it with coconut oil after dry skin brushing/showering and add 1-2 drops to a large glass or stainless steel bottle of water daily.

Let's Get Clean Together This Month!

Susan xo